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The Peter Attia Drive

Mar 27, 2020

Ryan Holiday, bestselling author and author of Daily Stoic, discusses practical ways to find stillness and apply the insights of stoic philosophy in the midst of COVID-19 chaos. Ryan discusses the importance of taking back a feeling of control, the benefits of structure and routine, and the idea of being prepared for anything.

We discuss:

  • Using times of adversity to evaluate and reflect how you’ve set up and prioritized your life [2:30];
  • What insights might the famous stoics provide amidst this COVID-19 pandemic? [8:15];
  • The possible consequences of the socially isolating nature of a pandemic (and why we need good leaders) [13:00];
  • Stoicism—what it means and how to apply it [18:45];
  • Lessons taken from the life of Winston Churchill—stillness, structure, routine, hobbies, empathy, forward thinking, and more [23:30];
  • Alive time vs. dead time—taking control of your time and making it count [38:45];
  • Auditing how the world (and its leaders) are handling the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of stoic philosophy [44:15];
  • Asserting control and using routine to find stillness in an environment not conducive for it [52:15];
  • Why you should find a way to exercise, especially now [58:30];
  • How to find purpose during this time—goal setting, having a project to work on, and the benefits of keeping a journal [1:02:00];
  • What is Ryan most optimistic about and what is he most concerned about over the next few months? [1:08:45];
  • How can you follow Ryan’s work and messages about stoicism and stillness? [1:17:45].
  • And more.

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