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The Peter Attia Drive

Nov 30, 2020

Kristin Neff is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas, author, and a leading expert on mindful self-compassion. In this episode, she shares how developing a self-compassion and mindfulness practice was the most effective tool for relieving her own suffering, and provides strategies and tactics to improve self-compassion and well-being.

We discuss:

  • The life crisis that turned Kristin to mindfulness and self-compassion (3:30);
  • How mindful self-compassion relieved Kristin’s feelings of self-judgement, and the psychology that says we all have the capacity for self-compassion (9:45);
  • Peter’s history of self-criticism and his personal practice of self-compassion (17:15);
  • The problem with prioritizing self-esteem over self-compassion, and how self-compassion produces a more stable version of self-worth (20:15);
  • An argument for self-compassion over self-criticism for optimizing performance (26:15);
  • How and when to introduce self-compassion to children (31:45);
  • Learning her son had autism—a personal story of how Kristin used mindfulness and self-compassion (36:45);
  • Self-compassion for cases of childhood trauma, PTSD, and overcoming a “fear of compassion” (44:00);
  • The relationship between self-compassion and physical health (49:30);
  • Distinguishing between self-compassion and self-pity, and the three necessary components self-compassion (52:30);
  • Why self-criticism comes from a desire to be safe, the circular pattern of self-judgment, and self-compassion as the ultimate motivator (55:45);
  • Potential role of a self-compassion practice for addiction and other maladaptive behaviors (58:45);
  • Clinical applications and practical uses of self-compassion (1:01:30);
  • Why you don’t need to meditate to learn mindfulness and self-compassion (1:04:45);
  • Kristin’s personal meditation practice (1:08:40);
  • Resources for learning self-compassion (1:11:45); and
  • More.

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