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The Peter Attia Drive

Apr 5, 2021

Jake Muise is an avid hunter, environmentalist, and advocate for the preservation of Hawaii’s natural resources. He is the founder of Maui Nui Venison, a company which actively manages Hawaii’s imbalanced population of axis deer by harvesting them as a food resource. In this episode, Jake tells his unbelievable backstory growing up in Northern Alberta before landing in Hawaii on a volleyball scholarship where he fell in love with the islands and the people. Jake explains how axis deer—a non-native species—were brought to the islands and how they have since become imbalanced to the detriment of Hawaii’s precious ecosystems. He goes on to explain the incredible lengths that his company has taken to ensure the most humane harvesting techniques imaginable resulting in a food source that is as clean and healthful as can be. Additionally, Jake and Peter examine what makes meat from axis deer one of the most nutrient-dense red meats on the planet.


We discuss:

  • Upbringing in Northern Alberta, a diet of moose meat, and learning to surf in Nova Scotia (3:35);
  • How volleyball brought Jake to Hawaii where he met the Molokai people (14:00);
  • Jake’s introduction to axis deer (26:30);
  • Pro volleyball in Europe, missing the Olympic team by one spot, and his return to Hawaii (29:00);
  • History of axis deer in Hawaii—how a non-native species came to the islands, and the superpowers that make them so hard to hunt (34:00);
  • A potential catastrophe avoided on The Big Island—The amazing story of how Jake tracked and found axis deer that were secretly brought to The Big Island (52:15);
  • Jake’s work helping ranchers on Maui (1:08:15);
  • The detrimental impact of an imbalanced axis deer population (1:10:30);
  • The incredible evacuation of farm animals from lava-locked land due to a volcano eruption (1:17:00);
  • The creation of Maui Nui Venison—going above and beyond USDA requirements (1:27:00);
  • The most humane way to harvest an animal—the unmatched standards Maui Nui Venison uses to harvest axis deer (1:32:00);
  • Why meat from axis deer is nutritionally superior (and tastes better) than other meats (1:46:00);
  • Why axis deer meat is the best option for those reluctant to eat meat: True nose-to-tail nutrition and ethical harvesting (1:58:15);
  • What a truly balanced population of axis deer on Hawaii would look like (2:06:15);
  • Maui Nui Venison’s charitable work during the COVID crisis (2:12:45); and
  • More.

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