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The Peter Attia Drive

Mar 21, 2022

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Episode Description:

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter discusses all things related to hydration, starting with how water is distributed in the body and the important concept of tonicity. He explains the difference between dehydration and volume depletion and their respective health consequences and implications. He describes the different conditions which affect our daily water needs, as well as the signs of dehydration and how it can affect performance. Next, he discusses all the ways in which we can rehydrate and when it makes sense to add electrolytes, glucose—or a combination of both—to rehydration fluids. Additionally, Peter gives his take on the plethora of sports drinks on the market and which ones stand out from the rest. Finally, he concludes with some key takeaways related to hydration. 

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We discuss:

  • Peter’s incident leading to a renewed interest in hydration [3:15];
  • Water in the human body: percentage, location, and implications [6:00];
  • Defining tonicity—isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic [11:45];
  • Defining dehydration and volume depletion [19:00];
  • The health consequences of dehydration and volume depletion [21:45];
  • How do we actually lose water? [25:30];
  • How much water do we need every day? [28:00];
  • Signs of dehydration during exercise and how it can affect performance [32:45];
  • Is it possible to be overhydrated? [43:15];
  • Electrolytes: benefits and when to include them in rehydration fluids [47:00];
  • Glucose: benefits and when to include it in rehydration fluids 51:15];
  • The ability of glucose to improve absorption of sodium [58:45];
  • The type of carbohydrates in drinks than actually impact performance [1:02:00];
  • Sodium during workouts: is there an optimal ratio of carbohydrate to sodium? [1:05:00];
  • Pros and cons of sports drinks and which ones stand out [1:09:15];
  • How much hydration comes from the food we eat? [1:14:30];
  • Is there a downside to drinking electrolytes throughout the day even without exercise? [1:15:15];
  • Key takeaways related to hydration [1:18:15]; and
  • More. 

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