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The Peter Attia Drive

Dec 19, 2022

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Layne Norton holds a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences and is a physique coach, natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, and two-time previous podcast guest. In this episode, Layne discusses his training as a powerlifter and shares training principles that non-powerlifters can apply to improve muscle strength and mass. Layne goes in-depth on creatine supplementation, including the benefits for lean mass and strength, and addresses the common arguments against its regular usage. Additionally, Layne touches on many areas of nutrition, including how his opinions have changed on certain topics. Layne also touches on the subjects of protein, fiber, and fat in the diet, as well as the different tools and dietary approaches for energy restriction.

We discuss:

  • The sport of powerlifting and Layne’s approach during competitions [2:30];
  • Training for strength: advice for beginners and non-powerlifters [13:15];
  • Low-rep training, compound movements, and more tips for the average person [23:15];
  • How strength training supports longevity and quality of life: bone density, balance, and more [28:15];
  • Peak capacity for strength as a person ages and variations in men and women [33:00];
  • Effects of testosterone (endogenous and exogenous) on muscle gain in the short- and long-term [36:45];
  • How Layne is prepping for his upcoming IPF World Masters Powerlifting competition [44:00];
  • Creatine supplementation [54:30];
  • How important is rep speed and time under tension? [1:05:30];
  • Validity of super slow rep protocols, and the overall importance of doing any exercise [1:12:45];
  • Navigating social media: advice for judging the quality of information from “experts” online [1:23:00];
  • Layne’s views on low-carb diets, the tribal nature of nutrition, and the importance of being able to change opinions [1:34:45];
  • Where Layne has changed his views: LDL cholesterol, branched-chain amino acid supplementation, intermittent fasting, and more [1:42:00];
  • The carnivore diet, elimination diets, and fruits and vegetables [1:55:15];
  • Fiber: Layne’s approach to fiber intake, sources of fiber, benefits, and more [2:00:15];
  • Confusion around omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and the Minnesota Coronary Experiment [2:05:00];
  • Layne’s views on fats in the diet [2:13:00];
  • Flexible dieting, calorie tracking, and the benefits of tracking what you eat to understand your baseline [2:18:00];
  • The nutritional demands of preparing for a bodybuilding show [2:30:45];
  • The psychological effects of aging and changes to one’s identity [2:42:00]; and
  • More.

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