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The Peter Attia Drive

Feb 6, 2023

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Ric Elias, the founder of Red Ventures and previous guest on The Drive, returns to discuss his evolving insights on time, relationships, parenting, and how to make the most of the gift of life. In this episode, he reflects on the changes he’s made since his near-death experience during the crash landing of Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in 2009. Ric reveals many keys to living a rich life, such as aiming for continuous growth, approaching life with true intentionality, and valuing our time in accordance with that. He talks about relationships as the core of a rich life and provides insights on parenting and how we should think about our relationship with our kids as they grow older. Finally, Ric discusses the importance of staying true to yourself, the value in struggle, and finding meaning in helping others.

We discuss:

  • Reflecting on the tumultuous last few years and how his experience on Flight 1549 helped him [2:30];
  • Parenting: a game of tug of war that you must ultimately lose [5:00];
  • Importance of friendship and Ric’s motivation for his recent “Friends summit” [8:00];
  • The impact of looking forward and focusing on growth on finishing life well [13:00];
  • How our relationships with our children evolve as they grow, and a new perspective on purpose [21:15];
  • Living with complete intention for a rich life, valuing your time, and other life lessons inspired by Ric’s near-death experience on Flight 1549 [31:15];
  • How society’s relationship with work has changed, the pros and cons of remote and hybrid working environments, and an update on his company “Red Ventures” [37:45];
  • Ric’s dedication to philanthropy [44:45];
  • The Golden Door Scholars program aiming to help undocumented students with education and a future career [50:30];
  • Ric’s journey in health and longevity [59:15];
  • Letting go of guilt and loving yourself [1:02:30];
  • The relationship between happiness and wealth [1:06:45];
  • Playing the “infinite game,” staying true to oneself, and ignoring the negative [1:09:15];
  • Speculating on the meaning of success, the drivers of greatness, and the value of struggle [1:16:00]; and
  • More.

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