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The Peter Attia Drive

Feb 13, 2023

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In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter reviews the last 12+ years of his DEXA scan results revealing the changes to his body composition, lean muscle mass, visceral adipose tissue, and more. He explains how his body composition and blood biomarkers were impacted by the various dietary approaches (ketosis, fasting, high protein, etc.) and training protocols (primarily endurance, primarily strength training, etc.) he has undertaken over the years. Furthermore, Peter explains his planned approach moving forward following his most recent DEXA scan in late 2022.

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We discuss:

  • DEXA scans and other methods for tracking body composition [2:30];
  • Importance of tracking data over time to see trends [10:15];
  • DEXA scans in 2011: swimming, lifting, and a carb-restricted diet [12:45];
  • DEXA scans 2012-2014 during Peter’s time on a strict ketogenic diet [18:30];
  • Blood biomarkers for evaluating metabolic health [25:15];
  • DEXA scan in 2020 after several years of regularly engaging in time-restricted feeding and prolonged fasting protocols [28:45];
  • DEXA scan in 2021: shifting focus to adding muscle, high-protein diet, and more strength training [40:00];
  • DEXA scan in early 2022: eating additional calories and adding blood flow restriction (BFR) to his workouts [44:45];
  • DEXA scan in late 2022: a dramatic change following shoulder surgery, and the impact of stress [48:30];
  • Peter’s approach moving forward following his most recent DEXA scan [59:15];
  • A rundown of the various nutritional methods of energy restriction [1:06:15];
  • Current thoughts on fasting and key takeaways [1:09:45]; and
  • More.

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