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The Peter Attia Drive

May 1, 2023

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Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D., is a scientist with expertise in the areas of aging, cancer, and nutrition who translates complex scientific topics into actionable insights on her podcast, Found My Fitness. In this episode, Rhonda provides her latest thinking as it relates to Alzheimer's disease including the possibility of a vascular hypothesis as well as the factors that can impact disease risk such as type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, omega supplementation, exercise, sauna, and more. She also touches on cancer risk including the relationship between cancer and exercise as well as the link between alcohol consumption and cancer. Additionally, Rhonda explains her new focus on exercise and protein consumption as well as how her perspective has shifted as it pertains to fasting and time-restricted feeding.

We discuss:

  • Alzheimer’s disease: Rhonda’s evolved thinking on neurodegenerative diseases [2:30];
  • The breakdown of the blood-brain barrier in neurodegenerative disease [8:45];
  • An explanation for the observation that type 2 diabetes increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease [15:45];
  • The role of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in brain health and prevention of neurodegeneration [19:45];
  • Comparing the preventable nature of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, and dementia [32:15];
  • Blood pressure: an important modifiable lifestyle factor that can affect Alzheimer's disease risk [35:15];
  • Rhonda’s outlook on “precision medicine” as it pertains to one’s genetic predispositions [38:45];
  • Possible mechanisms by which exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease [45:45];
  • Building your aerobic pyramid: neurobiological effects of exercise, benefits of lactate peaks, and more [53:45];
  • Maximizing mitochondrial biogenesis: alternative training approaches and strategies [58:45];
  • Possible brain benefits of sauna, and Rhonda’s personal protocol [1:09:30];
  • The relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and dementia risk [1:15:30];
  • How exercise may reduce the risk of cancer [1:20:30];
  • The overarching impact of exercise on health, and the importance of focusing the factors that matter most [1:33:15];
  • Impact of alcohol consumption on breast cancer risk and overall health [1:37:15];
  • Exercise as an intervention for poor sleep habits [1:42:30];
  • The longevity benefits of consuming adequate protein and strength training to preserve muscle mass and strength [1:46:30];
  • How to get enough of the right kind of protein in your diet [2:05:15];
  • Fasting: weighing the risk vs. reward [2:12:15];
  • How Rhonda’s views have shifted on diet and exercise [2:15:30];
  • How to follow Rhonda’s work and more about the benefits of lactate for the brain [2:21:00]; and
  • More.

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