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The Peter Attia Drive

Apr 10, 2020

In this episode, psychiatrist Paul Conti, M.D. discusses the impact of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting stress, anxiety, and trauma it may impart on the population. Paul examines how this situation has highlighted the challenges we face at the societal level as well as the individual level, and stresses the importance of seeking absolute truth above personal truth and taking action as individuals as a means to combat many of these pervasive problems.

We discuss:

  • Paul’s personal experience with a presumptive case of COVID-19 [2:15];
  • Through the lens of trauma, Paul’s overall take on the lasting effects of this pandemic on society [4:30];
  • The imperative to unite as a species given the isolating and suspicious nature of an invisible enemy [8:15];
  • The indigent population and the affluent population—The commonalities and differences in how both populations have been affected [16:15];
  • The prevailing feeling of demoralization spanning the population [25:30];
  • Health care workers—What lingering psychological effects might they suffer from this? [35:00];
  • Could this pandemic be a catalyst for changing the way people think about science, truth, and logic? [46:30];
  • How our inability to deal with uncertainty exacerbates the problem, and the need for humility [58:00];
  • What has been Paul’s recipe for self care during this time? [1:06:45];
  • The forthcoming challenge of reintegrating back into the world when the quarantines lift [1:14:45];
  • An urgent need for change which must come through individuals seeking absolute truth and taking action [1:19:15]; and
  • More.

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