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The Peter Attia Drive

May 18, 2020

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter explains his framework for understanding what lab tests can (and cannot) inform us as it pertains to overall longevity, with a specific focus on atherosclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and the physical body. Additionally, Peter shares details into two patient case studies around cardiovascular disease, including how the lab results influenced his diagnosis and treatment plan for the patients. Once again, Bob Kaplan, Peter’s head of research, will be asking the questions. If you’re not a subscriber and listening on a podcast player, you’ll only be able to hear a preview of the AMA. If you’re a subscriber, you can now listen to this full episode on your private RSS feed or on our website at the AMA #14 show notes page.

We discuss:

  • Important lab tests and reference ranges [2:35];
  • How lab testing fits into the overall objective of longevity [4:25];
  • A healthcare system set up to react to a disease rather than prevent it [8:00];
  • The four pillars of chronic disease, and the three components of healthspan [14:30];
  • Atherosclerosis—How much can labs tell us about risk? [18:00];
  • Coronary calcium score (CAC)—Interpreting results based on your age [24:15];
  • Cancer—What lab work can tell you, and the future of liquid biopsies [28:00];
  • Alzheimer’s disease—What’s driving Alzheimer’s disease, and what labs can tell you about your risk [33:15];
  • Healthspan and the physical body—Where lab testing fits, the endocrine system, and zone 2 testing [39:00];
  • Summarizing the usefulness of lab testing—Where it gives great, reasonable, or lousy insight [43:15];
  • Patient case study—Elevated Lp(a): Understanding ApoB, and how cholesterol levels get reduced [45:30];
  • Patient case study—Familial hypercholesterolemia [59:30];
  • Coming up on a future AMA [1:10:30]; and
  • More.

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