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The Peter Attia Drive

Jul 20, 2020

In part 2 of this special AMA episode, ketosis expert Dom D’Agostino once again joins Bob Kaplan, Peter’s Head of Research, to discuss the impact of ketosis on various chronic diseases as well as the latest research on the metabolic management of cancer. Dom also discusses the numerous applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, provides insights into the application of ketosis on female health and performance, and much more. If you’re not a subscriber and listening on a podcast player, you’ll only be able to hear a preview of the AMA. If you’re a subscriber, you can now listen to this full episode on your private RSS feed or on the website show notes page.


We discuss:

  • Update on Dom’s Press-pulse therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer [2:05];
  • Potential role for vitamin C in cancer treatment [12:45];
  • Glutamine targeting in cancer therapy—evidence that the mitochondria in cancer are damaged? [17:45];
  • Can a ketogenic diet lessen the toxicity of cancer therapies? [24:45];
  • 3BP—a promising agent in cancer therapy [26:45];
  • The relationship between cancer and ketogenic diets [29:30];
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)—primer, protocols, and therapeutic uses [33:30];
  • Is there a potential role for HBOT in treating COVID-19 patients? [44:15];
  • Non-cancer applications of HBOT [47:30];
  • The inverse relationship between glucose and ketones [50:30];
  • Is a ketogenic diet appropriate for type 1 diabetics? [54:00];
  • How ketosis may reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease [1:00:30];
  • Ketosis for females—considerations, fertility, performance, and the latest research [1:11:00];
  • Low-carb diets during pregnancy and postpartum [1:17:00];
  • A high-protein diet to counteract common hormonal issues associated with the ketogenic diet [1:21:15];
  • Nutritional tips for remaining metabolically flexible [1:22:45];
  • What is one belief Dom has changed his mind about? [1:26:45];
  • In utero experiments, and other interesting questions Dom wants to explore [1:29:45];
  • The anti-catabolic effect of ketones, cancer cachexia, and nutritional interventions for cancer patients [1:38:30];
  • What is the one interesting experiment Dom would do if money and time were not a barrier? [1:46:25]; and
  • More.

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