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The Peter Attia Drive

Dec 21, 2020

Robert Abbott is a six-time Emmy award winner and the director of “The Last Days of Knight,” the behind-the-scenes documentary of legendary coach Bobby Knight, and the events that led to his termination from Indiana University. In this episode, Robert takes us through his investigative journey, which revealed cautionary tales of a winning at all costs environment—how pain often gets left in the wake of unchecked anger, ego, and perfectionism. Robert reflects on Knight’s legacy and extracts lessons in self-awareness and accountability that can be applied to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.

We discuss:

  • Robert’s career covering sports and interesting athletes (2:30);
  • Robert’s early impression of Bobby Knight’s controversial persona (10:15);
  • The journalistic work that uniquely prepared Robert for his Bobby Knight story (13:30);
  • The cost of excellence in sports—cautionary tales of ‘greatness at any cost’ (19:15);
  • Knight’s coaching style, waning success in the 90s, and what put him on Robert’s radar (25:30);
  • Three alarming accounts from a former player (Neil Reed) that launched Robert’s investigation into Bobby Knight (35:15);
  • The “win-first” environment at Indiana that provided cover for Knight’s toxic behavior (44:45);
  • Knight’s ego swells—a shift from team-first to “I” and “me” (53:00);
  • How patience, honesty, and gaining trust with his sources paid off in his reporting on Bobby Knight (1:01:30);
  • The vicious cycle and anger and shame, and why Bobby Knight is so interesting to Peter (1:08:00);
  • Releasing the choking tape—Breaking open the Knight story, vindicating his earlier reporting, and the most powerful moment Robert has ever witnessed in his journalistic career (1:20:00);
  • The bittersweet story of Neil Reed—triumph, PTSD, and breaking the cycle of pain (1:43:15);
  • Examining Bobby Knight's legacy, and how society can avoid a repeat of similar devastating situations (1:57:30);
  • Final thoughts on Bobby Knight and the pain left in his wake (2:08:00); and
  • More.

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