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The Peter Attia Drive

Jan 18, 2021

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter and Bob take a deep dive into zone 2 training. They begin with a detailed definition of zone 2 and continue by discussing the importance of adding it to your exercise regimen. They talk about how to program zone 2 training, including intensity, frequency, and duration, and metrics for tracking improvement. Additionally, they provide a detailed overview of all things related to magnesium supplementation. The two conclude with insights about how to effectively engage with your doctor in the pursuit of getting your questions answered and considerations for finding a physician that’s right for you.

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We discuss:

  • Defining zone 2 exercise (3:30);
  • The most effective ways to engage in zone 2 exercise (14:00);
  • The process of training a deconditioned individual with zone 2: Dosage, frequency, and metrics to watch (19:45);
  • Training for health vs. performance, and the importance dedicating training time solely to zone 2 (25:00);
  • Why Peter does his zone 2 training in a fasted state (31:30);
  • Improving mitochondrial density and function with zone 2 training (34:00);
  • Metrics to monitor improving fitness levels from zone 2 training (36:30);
  • Advice for choosing a bicycle for zone 2 exercise at home (42:30);
  • Comparing the various equipment options for aerobic training: Rowing machine, treadmill, stairmaster, and more [48:15];
  • Back pain and exercise, and Peter’s stability issues as a consequence of previous surgeries (51:45);
  • A deep dive into magnesium supplementation, and Peter’s personal protocol (55:30);
  • Advice for engaging with and questioning your doctor (1:03:15); and
  • More.

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