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The Peter Attia Drive

Jul 12, 2021

Hugh Jackman is an award-winning actor and an overall fascinating and introspective individual. In this episode, Hugh reflects upon his acting career, including how he navigated many tough decisions that led to important professional turning points for him. Peter and Hugh have an intimate discussion related to handling professional criticism, self-identity, spirituality, raising kids, and the role that past trauma often plays in extremely driven individuals. Hugh gives the inside scoop on some of his most well-known character roles and explains how he finds the energy to consistently perform. Finally, they tie the conversation together with a discussion on the importance of physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We discuss:

  • Hugh’s voracious curiosity and early years of his acting career [2:15];
  • Self-identity, overworking, and the importance of living well [9:15];
  • Handling criticism and letting go of the desire to please everyone [18:30];
  • Dismissing vitriol on social media, and the challenge of communicating science [28:15];
  • Going with your gut and the value in finding the right partner [31:30];
  • A hard decision that lead to a turning point in Hugh’s life [40:15];
  • How driven personalities often develop from a place of trauma, and how to avoid going from productive to destructive [47:00];
  • The effect of fame on Hugh’s family [58:45];
  • How Hugh finds the energy to consistently perform, and the spiritual connection he feels when acting [1:07:15];
  • Hugh’s experiences on the set of The Fountain and the meaning behind the film [1:26:30];
  • The potential of imagination, the idea of a higher power, and thoughts on science vs. religion [1:33:45];
  • The deep connection Hugh felt to Logan (his character in Wolverine) [1:41:45];
  • Reflections on physical aging, emotional wellbeing, and longevity [1:55:15]; and
  • More

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