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The Peter Attia Drive

May 9, 2022

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In this special episode of The Drive, we have pulled together a variety of clips from previous podcasts about exercise to help listeners understand this topic more deeply, as well as to identify previous episodes which may be of interest. In this episode, Peter discusses his framework for exercise, what he’s really optimizing for, and how to train today to be prepared for a good life at age 100. He describes the importance of strength and stability, and why deadlifting is an important tool to consider for longevity. Additionally, he details why training in zone 2 and zone 5 is important, gives a primer on VO2 max, and describes the most effective ways to engage in those types of exercise. Finally, Peter reveals his current exercise routine.

We discuss:

  • What is Peter optimizing for with his exercise? [3:00];
  • Preparing for a good life at age 100: Training for the “Centenarian Olympics” [6:00];
  • The importance of preserving strength and muscle mass as we age [21:45];
  • The value of deadlifts for stability and longevity when done properly [27:30];
  • The importance of zone 2 aerobic training [35:45];
  • The most effective ways to engage in zone 2 exercise [40:00];
  • Zone 5 training and VO2 max [44:15];
  • A primer on VO2 max [52:00];
  • Stability—the cornerstone upon which all exercise and movement relies [1:03:00];
  • Peter’s current exercise routine [1:07:45];
  • More.

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