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The Peter Attia Drive

Nov 25, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Debra Kimless and Steve Goldner share their knowledge on the science, policy, and market evolution of medicinal cannabis. We start with the differences between THC and CBD, how they work in the body, and how they act on the brain. We discuss the many potential benefits of using CBD, THC, hemp in the various forms of administration (smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, etc.) as well as some of the safety issues including the recent uptick in incidents of hospitalization and death linked to vaping. Debra and Steve are both involved with the company, Pure Green—Debra the Chief Medical Officer and Steve the founder and CEO—whose aim is to create the safest, most efficacious form of delivery of cannabis. Their bigger mission is to shift the perception of the cannabis plant, garner acceptance of its medicinal benefits, and ultimately get it descheduled on a federal level so more people can access cannabis for a range of chronic ailments.

We discuss:

  • Debra and Steve’s background reason for their interest in medical cannabis [7:00];
  • The history of medical use of cannabis [11:15];
  • How THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids work [16:00];
  • Hemp—What it is, special uses, and the 2018 farm bill [22:45];
  • The legal status of CBD, Deb and Steve’s clinical trial, and how CBD differs from THC [30:15];
  • The safety profile of THC [35:00];
  • Is marijuana as a gateway drug? [45:30];
  • Smoking vs. vaping vs. edibles—Benefits, risks, and mechanistic differences [53:30];
  • Can you build up a tolerance to the effects of THC? [1:15:00];
  • What do people generally want to get from using marijuana? [1:17:15];
  • Cannabinoid synthetics [1:22:30];
  • Efficacy of CBD oils as a sleep aid [1:25:00];
  • Pure Green Cannabis [1:30:30];
  • Anecdotal evidence and managing the hype surrounding cannabis in medical treatment [1:38:45];
  • Aspirations for the future of medicinal cannabis, and the legal challenges that await them [1:45:15];
  • Descheduling cannabis: A human rights issue [2:04:00] and;
  • More.

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