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The Peter Attia Drive

Jan 27, 2020

In this episode, Ryan Holiday, author of Stillness is the Key, shares the profound impact that stoic philosophy has had on his personal life and his career as a successful writer. Ryan stresses the importance of stillness in a modern world set up to encourage the opposite and lays out the best strategies to develop stillness in your life. He also explains the destructive nature of being driven by ego, as well as the perils of jealousy and anger, and provides practical steps you can take to avoid those harmful states.

We discuss:

  • Has a more connected world improved or worsened our lives? [2:15];
  • Consequences of an overly secure life, living in the present, & the misconception of unlimited time [5:45];
  • Stoicism 101: The definition and origins of stoic philosophy [15:45];
  • Ryan’s career transition into writing, and his take on what makes a book or business successful [26:45];
  • Storytelling—The upside and downside of telling stories and self-narrative [36:15];
  • Does achieving success have to come from a place of craving and proving others wrong? And what are the costs of building a legacy? [38:45];
  • Ego—confusing ego with confidence, signs your ego is showing, & antidotes to the negative effects of ego [52:45];
  • Ryan’s advice to Peter about writing (and finishing) his book [1:06:30];
  • Stillness—what it is, how it compares to meditation, & the obstacles to achieving stillness [1:10:30];
  • Ryan’s morning routine, relationship with his smartphone, and how he avoids falling victim to the trappings of technology and a hyperconnected world [1:17:40];
  • The perils of jealousy and envy [1:24:15];
  • How to live in the moment in a modern world not designed for stillness [1:32:15];
  • How the idea of “dying well” can help you live better [1:36:00];
  • How has fatherhood impacted Ryan’s philosophies on stillness and living in the moment? [1:39:45];
  • How to make your favorite day your every day [1:42:00];
  • The most reliable strategies for developing stillness [1:47:30];
  • Anger—what the stoics say about anger, outrage in politics, & why more anger isn’t the solution [2:02:00];
  • How to follow Ryan’s work [2:12:00]; and
  • More.

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