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The Peter Attia Drive

Feb 4, 2019

In this episode, Ted Schaeffer, Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology at Northwestern (youngest chairman in the country), presents the roadmap for the best way to screen for, and treat, prostate cancer. We also get into the “mass screening” controversy and all the risks involved with treatment. In addition, we discuss our evolving understanding of cancer and the most exciting areas of research to come. 

We discuss:

  • Ted’s unique path to get his PhD [5:15];
  • The exciting transition in science during Ted’s PhD in the 1990s [15:30];
  • Ted’s advice to MD-PhD students, and why he choose urology and Johns Hopkins [23:45];
  • History of prostate surgery, and Pat Walsh’s legendary work in prostate cancer [36:15];
  • Prostate surgery and the risks involved with treatment [53:00];
  • Screening for prostate cancer [58:00];
  • The “mass screening” controversy [1:12:45];
  • Biopsies and MRI: important things to know [1:25:30];
  • Why urology such a great field of medicine, and why Peter wants a goat [1:34:45];
  • Ted’s work with Ben Stiller [1:39:00];
  • Gleason grading system [1:43:45];
  • Testosterone, DHT and the prostate cancer controversy [1:53:15];
  • The metabolism of the prostate [2:03:00];
  • The most exciting areas of research in prostate cancer [2:08:00];
  • Benign issues involving the prostate: pelvic pain, infections and treatments [2:11:15];
  • Video of Ted’s surgeries, the latest technology, and males contraceptive options [2:18:00];
  • Watches and cars [2:23:30]; and
  • More.

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