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The Peter Attia Drive

Aug 6, 2018

Tom Bilyeu is the founder of Impact Theory and a co-founder of Quest Nutrition. In this episode, among the highlights, Tom provides powerful insight he’s gained through his pursuit of fulfillment which led to a billion-dollar company in Quest Nutrition. Tom makes a compelling case that it starts with a growth mindset and he’s determined to impart this knowledge into as many people as possible.

We discuss:

  • Tom’s history with dieting and his changing views on fat [4:00];
  • Tom’s dream of immortality [10:00];
  • Life leading to Quest Nutrition and how “mindset” made the difference [18:45];
  • Why Tom helped start Quest Nutrition and what made it a success [27:00];
  • Why Tom started Impact Theory [35:00];
  • Money and motivation [44:00];
  • What Tom learned interviewing every employee at Quest, and the one question everyone answers exactly the same [54:15];
  • Tom’s secret formula of fulfillment and the ubiquity of suicide [1:00:00];
  • Nutrition, fasting, sleep, meditation, and other routines Tom uses to function at his best [1:13:15]; and
  • More

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