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The Peter Attia Drive

Apr 11, 2022

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In this second edition of the “Strong Convictions, Loosely Held” episode, Peter discusses topics on which his thoughts have evolved as a result of his interviews with podcast guests and other information he’s gained since episode 100. Peter covers topics including cancer therapy and screening, as well as prevention strategies for cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. He also describes changes in his perspectives on time-restricted feeding and protein consumption and on the therapeutic use of psychedelics, and he discusses some sleep supplements with remarkable efficacy. He ends with a special discussion on all things Formula 1 racing.

We discuss:

  • The concept of “strong convictions, loosely held” [3:10];
  • Update on Peter’s upcoming book [8:30];
  • Cancer: the promise of immunotherapy [14:15];
  • Cancer: how aggressive screening for gastrointestinal cancers could save lives [24:30];
  • Cardiovascular disease: how early and aggressive lowering of apoB could change the course of ASCVD [31:30];
  • Alzheimer’s disease: genes that modify risk associated with the APOE4 variant [40:15];
  • Time-restricted feeding: where the benefit comes from, and when this practice can be problematic [44:00];
  • The common problem of protein underconsumption [51:45];
  • The tremendous impact of exercise on lifespan and healthspan [54:45];
  • Peter’s shoulder surgery [1:00:15];
  • An uninspiring viewpoint on NAD precursors as a longevity tool [1:06:15];
  • Psychedelics: a powerful therapeutic tool in the right setting [1:09:30];
  • Sleep: updated thoughts on blue light and a remarkable drug for aiding sleep quality [1:13:15];
  • Book recommendation from Peter [1:20:45];
  • Formula 1: the 5 variables that determine the winner [1:22:00];
  • F1: the drivers [1:26:00];
  • F1: the tires [1:27:30];
  • F1: the engine and chassis [1:32:00];
  • F1: rule changes around cars [1:34:15];
  • F1: importance of qualifying races [1:41:15];
  • F1: racing strategy [1:47:30];
  • F1: season outlook and predictions [1:51:00]; and
  • More.

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