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The Peter Attia Drive

Aug 3, 2020

Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and the bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. In this episode, Lori extracts important lessons from her experiences as both a therapist and a patient. The stories Lori shares has provided her the material for insights into living a more fulfilling life. In our conversation, Lori also dispels some misconceptions about therapy, explains the process of big therapeutic breakthroughs, and reveals the most important steps for enduring emotional health.

We discuss:

  • Lori’s unique path to becoming a therapist [3:00];
  • Dissecting cadavers—a profound experience during med school [12:30];
  • The sunk cost fallacy—How Lori was able to walk away from med school [17:15];
  • Being aware of the gift of life, and other lessons from Lori’s terminally ill patient [24:00];
  • How underlying pain can manifest in obnoxious behavior [32:45];
  • Counseling versus therapy [36:15];
  • The story of John—why men hide their feelings, breaking down his shield, and uncovering his pain [38:30];
  • “Breaking open”—A shocking revelation about John that tests Lori’s resolve as a therapist [46:30];
  • Rewriting your story, the recovery process, and the most important step for lasting change [49:00];
  • The process of  many big therapeutic breakthroughs [56:00];
  • The 2 types of suicidal thoughts, and the importance of talking about it [1:01:00];
  • The most common issues that bring patients to therapy with Lori [1:02:45];
  • Clinging to the familiar—why change is so hard [1:05:15];
  • A story of shame, lack of self-compassion, and self-sabotage [1:07:00];
  • The importance of managing mental health to reduce unnecessary suffering [1:15:45];
  • Dispelling the misconceptions about therapy [1:23:15]; and
  • More.

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